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About J. Kobylka Reptiles

Like many in this business I've had an unexplainable attraction to cold-blooded creatures since birth, (or shortly thereafter). Throughout my life I've kept reptiles, early on it was usually anything I could find in the wild outside my house. In high school I began keeping different types of constrictors including Ball Pythons and a Boa Constrictor, as well as a couple rattlesnakes that I found in rural Oklahoma. (Click here to see my first reptile video showing off some of my small highschool collection.)

In college, I hid snakes in my dorm room and hatched out my first clutch of Sinaloan Kingsnakes in a small incubator under my bed. The next year the biology department of my University offered me a dedicated room in the Biology department to continue my breeding projects. It was around then that I discovered that the Ball Python could be tricked out with SWEET morphs... the rest is history. The first Ball Python morph I purchased was a Pastel followed by my first Piebald. Have I mentioned these snake are addictive!

I've since graduated and am living in Toccoa, GA with my wife Joy, son Graer, and daughter Aliya. After managing a medical practice for several years, I left that field to focus on my reptile endeavors full time. It is a dream come true to work with these amazing creatures full time and serve reptile enthusiasts around the world.

Thanks for visiting my site. I would love to be part of your passion for reptiles.


Justin Kobylka