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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2012 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: We'll see what comes from this one... I typically hate doing poss het x poss het clutches. If I don't get visual Pieds it will be impossible to know if the Sire or Dame (or both!) are het.

Hatched: 0.1 Piebald, 1.2 Pastel YB 66% Het Piebalds, 0.2 YB 66% Het Piebalds, 1.0 66% Het Piebald

Woah! Simply shocked to see a pied in this clutch. This is the first time here at JKR that I've ever proved poss hets on both the sire and dame in the same clutch. Even though I've had a gut feeling about the male, I would definitely have bet against this female... I just didn't think she had the "right look." This clutch will have a big impact on other clutches I have coming from this male. Since he's now proved to be het, my season is looking a quite a bit better already.
Preview: Another year of trying to figure out the "EOS" project. I still have not put out any pictures of the EOS sire.  in 2010 & 2011 I hatched one "EOS-like" animal out of 12 eggs. I bred him to a couple more normal females this season. This should tell me if it was a fluke or if I've just had terrible odds. :)

Hatched: 4.3 "Het EOS"

Well I think its clear we can put nice bow on this one and say that the EOS project is not dominate. I'm hoping in 2012 I can breed EOS x EOS and find out if its recessive. 
Preview: This could make my first Pastel Lavender Albinos. Odds are 1:8, fingers crossed!

Hatched: 0.2 Pastel 66% Het Lav, 1.2 66% Het Lavs

Ouch, completely missed on hatching any Lavenders at all in the clutch.
Preview: This could be an interesting clutch... I've been trying to get a clutch from this particular female for a few years. I aquired her as a captive-hatched baby, she has amazing flaming and many yellowbelly characteristics. Last season her entire clutch went bad, so I'm hoping for better from her this season!

Hatched: 1.0 Firefly YB, 0.1 Fire Yellowbelly, 1.0 Yellowbelly, 0.1 Normal (1 egg went bad during incubation)

Nothing really crazy looking here, just some great quality combos, which is always welcome.
Preview: HUGE clutch, this female is 4 years old and she finally decided to lay for me this season. Looks like she was saving up her eggs until now, lol. This could produce Pastel Leopard 50% het Clown & 50% het Piebalds. (1:4)

Hatched: 4.0 Leopard 50% Het Clown 50% Het Pieds, 6.1 Pastel 50% Het Clown 50% Het Pieds

Just amazed by these Pastel Leopards. The Leopard is a truely underrated mutation and it opens up a whole world of postential new combos with its unique pattern. The one thing that did go very, very wrong in this clutch is the sex ratio. 10 boys out of 11 eggs!
Preview: The female was bred 1x by each male.

Hatched: 0.1 Blk Pewter, 1.0 Blk Pastel Butter, 0.1 Pastel (1 egg went bad during incubation)

Small clutch, but this Blk Pewter is particulary cool looking, so I'll call it a win.
Preview: Nice big clutch of 8 eggs.
Hatched: 0.1 Butter Blk Pewter, 0.1 Pewter, 0.1 Butter, 2.0 Pastel, 0.2 Normals
Preview: Butter Pewter was a motivated breeder this season. :)

Hatched: 3.0 Blk Pewter, Butter Blk Pastel, 0.1 Butter, 0.1 Normal

Missed on the triple gene, but still very happy with these Pewters.
Preview: I never saw the Bumblebelly lock on this clutch, so I'm expecting Fireflys...
Hatched: 2.1 Fireflys, 0.1 Fire, 1.1 Normal (1 egg went bad during incubation)
Preview: Never saw a lock from the Bumblebelly, so I'm expecting Lessers.
Hatched: 1.0 Bumblebelly, 0.1 Spider YB, 1.1 Spider, 1.0 Pastel, 0.1 YB (1 egg went bad during incubation)
Preview: Another Bumblebelly clutch. Can you tell I really like this combo?!
Hatched: 0.1 Pastel YB, 0.1 Spider YB, 0.1 YB, 0.1 Normal (not pictured), 4 eggs went bad during incubation
Preview: This clutch has a 1:16 chance of making a Killerbeebelly! (Super Pastel Spider Yellowbelly)

Hatched: 2.0 Bumblebees, 0.2 Pastel Yellowbellys, 2.0 Pastels, 1.0 Super Pastel, 2.0 Normal (not pictured)

Wow, I thought I had a good chance at my Killerbeebelly... but there's only one Super Pastel in the clutch.
Preview: Another shot at my "EOS" dinker project.I n 2010 & 2011 I hatched one "EOS-like" animal out of 12 eggs. I bred him to a couple more normal females this season.

Hatched: 3.2 "Het EOS"

Another clutch from my EOS project, proving it not dominate. 
Preview: I'm excited to see what comes from this clutch. This dame is one recently aquired, she came from Africa as a light CH baby and has proven to be a dominate lightening gene. To me she looks excatly like a vanilla-type animal. But combining her with the Fire in the clutch I should be able to tell a lot if I get Vanilla Fires (aka: Vanilla Creams) out of this clutch. So we'll see!

Hatched: 5.4 Hatchlings

Well clearly the dame of this clutch is neither Fire, nor Vanilla. Like I said, she has already proved to have a dominate lightening gene. I'll let you judge based on the pics, but I'm seeing some promising stuff here! The majority of these will be held back to add peices to this dinker project puzzle.
Preview: Will have a few of these clutches this season. I don't have a lot of Albino stuff so I figured what better snake to mix the ones I do have into Pieds. Will be a nice project to develop alongside the Lavender Pied (Dreamsicle).
Hatched: 3.2 dbl Het Albino Piebald