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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2015 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: Breeding this guy back to his mom in hopes of... who knows what.

Hatched: 2.0 Fire, 1.4 Normals

Dead end. Sometimes its just worth knowing though.
Preview: Only saw one good lock between these two. Maybe that's why all the slugs.

Hatched: 0.1 Yellowbelly

Preview: Insane Clown ingredients.

Hatched: 0.1 Super Past Leo Het Clown, 0.1 Leo Spotnose Het Clown, 1.0 Pin Het Clown, 2.0 Pastel Het Clown, 0.1 Het Clown

Split sired clutch! I started with the Pastel Leo Clown and swapped to the Leopard Spotnose Clown once at the very end. Getting the Leopard Spotnose Het Clown girl in this clutch is a huge win!

The really weird grey snake is the Super Pastel Leopard Het Clown... quite sure that's what she is. There's a lot of tinges of yellow in her. I can't explain why she is so untypical though, that's a mystery to me. 
Preview: Gravel or YB. That's the only question - 60 days...
Wow wow wow wow wow. That's about sums it up! 

For more about this clutch & the Leopard Ivory complex in general, click here!

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Leopard Ivory
0.1 Leopard Yellowbelly
1.2 Ivory
0.3 Yellowbelly 
Preview: Been holding on to this female forever to see what she might throw... Finally got a clutch!

Hatched: 2.1 Pastel Leopard Het Clown, 0.2 Leopard Het Clown, 2.0 Pastel Het Clown

Some really exceptional results, super pleased with the quality of these!
Preview: Hopefully good odds on some Pied Het Lavs and Double Het Dreams from this clutch.

Hatched: 3.3 Piebald Het Lavender, 1.3 dbl Het Dreamsicle

Some great Dream ingredients and finally I can't complain about odds on this one!
Preview: Continuing the "Grail" project... and majorly stepping it up as well!

Hatched: 0.1 Pastel Leopard dbl Het, 2.0 Leopard dbl Hets, 2.0 Pastel dbl Hets, 1.3 dbl Hets

Decent odds. These will be rocking soon!
Preview: This should be interesting! Will really just hinge on whether mom will prove to be Het Pied.
Hatched: 0.1 Pastel Enchi Spotnose Het Piebald, 1.0 Enchi Spotnose Het Piebald, 1.0 Enchi Het Piebald
  • ID: 2015 Clutch #23JH
  • Date Layed: Jun 19th, 2015
  • Sire: Firefly Het Hypo
  • Dame: Lemonblast
  • Eggs Layed: 5 Eggs

Hatched: 1.0 Sherbert Fly, 1.1 Dragonfly, 0.1 Superblast, 0.1 Super Pastel

Sherbert fly! These are so cool, some of these are brighter than others... het Hypo at play?
Preview: LOVE these long-shots! Would be happy just to see a YB Candy, should be sweet!

Hatched: 0.1 Pied 66% Het Candy, 0.1 YB 66% Het Pied 66% Het Candy, 2.1 poss dbl Het Candy Pied

Oh well, it was a good shot. Next year.
Preview: I've been hoping for this one for a while now! Could really be crazy. 60 days & a little bit of luck till we get the answer.

Hatched: 0.1 Highway 66% Het Piebald, 0.1 Ivory 66% Het Piebald, 2.0 Gravel / YB 66% Het Piebald

Another big miss. I'm saving up some odds for other clutches. Hopefully.
Preview: A chance at Ultramel Piebalds! I made these hets back in 2012, its awesome to see some eggs from this pair.

Hatched: 1.1 Ultramel 66% Het Piebald, 1.1 PIebald 66% Het Ultramel, 1.1 poss dbl Het Ultra Pied

Another swing and a miss on a dbl Het clutch.
Preview: Super Pastel YB Pieds... I've only made one of these and I'm itching for another.
This was a weird clutch... Last year I did the same pairing and hatched a very unusual pied and this year is no different. I've not included the pied photo yet, I will add it after it shed a couple times and I wrap my mind around it.

I may have another recessive gene at play here. If you look there's some very weird babies and they are not YBs...

For now I'm going to repeat the pairing again... I'm calling this my "Pied Thing" project... :)

Clutch breakdown:
0.1 Pastel YB Pied? + Pied thing
0.1 Super Pastel Het Pied + Pied thing
0.1 Super Pastel Het Pied
0.1 Het Pied + Pied thing
0.1 Het Pied
Preview: All in!

Hatched: 1.0 Leo Ivory, 0.2 Fire Leo Ivory, 1.0 Leo Pin YB, 1.1 Fire Pin YB, 0.1 Pin, 1.0 YB

Crazy cool! Just missed the Pinstripe Leo Ivory this time. 
  • ID: 2015 Clutch #29
  • Date Layed: Jun 28th, 2015
  • Sire: Leopard Clown & Pastel Leopard Clown
  • Dame: Hypo
  • Eggs Layed: 6 Eggs
  • Date Hatched: Aug 25th, 2015
Preview: These will be some high powered double Hets... I love a long-term project.

Hatched: 0.1 Pastel Leo dbl Het Hypo Clown, 0.3 Leo dbl Het Hypo Clown, 2.0 Past dbl Het Hypo Clown

Some great project animals. Mostly loaded with females...