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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2016 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Hatching Dreamsicles will never get old!

Clutch breakdown:

2.0 Dreamsicles
2.2 Piebald Het Lavender Albinos
Preview: This is a fun little long-shot project for a Candio Pied and YB Candino Pied. Its looking like I'll have a few chances at it, with this clutch being the first.
Tough odds, but this is why I do multiple tries. Some great pieces to work with though!

Clutch breakdown:

1.0 Yellowbelly Pied 66% Het Candino (66% chance its het for either Candy or Albino)
0.1 Yellowbelly Candino 66% Het Piebald
0.2 Candino 66% Het Piebald
1.0 Yellowbelly 66% Het Pied / 66% Het Candino (66% chance its het for either Candy or Albino)
1.1 66% Het Pied / 66% Het Candino (66% chance its het for either Candy or Albino)
Preview: Dreams...
These are BRIGHT and fantastically patterned. Just perfect.

Clutch breakdown:
1.2 Dreamsicles
3.0 Piebald Het Lavenders
Preview: Been dreaming about Lavender Ivories for so many years, but this is the first time I've been able to get this girl to go. Long odds, but maybe this is my year! All offspring from this clutch will also be 100% Het Piebald.
No Ivorys at all?!! Painful.

Clutch breakdown:

1.1 Lavender Het Pieds
1.2 YB Het Pied 66% Het Lavenders
1.0 Het Pied 66% Het Lavender 
Preview: 10 egg clutch. This one will be hotly anticipated. I believe the Leopard Blackhead Lavender combos will be insane!
Wow! These Lavender Blackhead combos are amazing! I'm loving how much white is added. With the Pastel Lavender Blackhead, the orange flames add a fantastic twist!

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Pastel Lavender Blackhead
1.0 Lavender Blackhead
0.1 Leopard Lavender
1.0 Lavender
1.0 Pastel Blackhead Het Lavender
0.1 Pastel Leopard Het Lavender
1.0 Blackhead Het Lavender
1.0 Leopard Het Lavender
1.0 Pastel Het Lavender
0.1 Het Lavender 
These are amazingly beautiful!

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Coral Glow Butter Black Pewter 50% Het Pied
1.0 Coral Glow Black Pastel Butter 50% Het Pied
1.0 Coral Glow Black Pewter 50% Het Pied
2.0 Coral Glow 50% Het Pied
0.2 Black Pewter 50% Het Pied
0.1 Pastel 50% Het Pied
Preview: This mom is extremely unique and I look forward to seeing what she throws. Either way the triple gene combo here should be great!
Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Cinnamon Mahogany
0.1 Cinnamon
5 eggs went bad during incubation 
Preview: My first shot at Killer Dreamsicles! Hopefully 9 eggs is enough to get the job done.
Tough odds for Dreamsicles! To only get one and then have it not be at least pastel... Really have no room to complain. Every Dreamsicle is a treasure. 

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Dreamsicle
0.2 Pastel Lavender Het Piebalds (poss Super Pastels)
1.1 Pastel Piebald Het Lavenders
1.0 Piebald Het Lavender
0.1 Super Pastel dbl Het Dreamsicle
2.0 Pastel dbl Het Dreamsicle 
Preview: Looking forward to seeing more Black Axanthic combos... JKR is still the only one to make visual Black Ax combos, and the Black Ghost is the very best one to date!
Can't be sure which male sired all the offspring from this clutch, but because there is Super Pastel Hypos, I can know that the Pastel Hypo Het Blk Ax sired at least those two eggs. Because both males locked, all Het Black Axanthic animals are marked 66% Het.

Clutch breakdown:

1.0 Pastel Black Axanthic Het Hypo
1.0 Black Axanthic Het Hypo
1.1 Super Pastel Hypo 66% Het Black Axanthic 
0.3 Pastel Het Hypo 66% Het Black Axanthic
Preview: 2015 was a rollercoaster after I found out that the Leopard Ivory is a CRAZY awesome combo. I hope to take it to the next level with some clutches that build on last years results. 

Learn about the Leopard Ivory HERE.
These are just WILD!

Clutch breakdown:

2.0 Pastel Leopard Ivory 50% Het Clown
2.2 Pastel Leopard Yellowbelly 50% Het Clown
1.0 Pastel Leopard 50% Het Clown 
2.1 Pastel Yellowbelly 50% Het Clown 
Preview: 4 gener to a 3 gener... I don't do a lot of these multi-gene clutches without a recessive mixed in, but the Leopard makes this one interesting for sure.
Crazy nice Leopard combos!

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Fire Butter Black Pewter
1.0 Leopard Fire Black Pewter Bee
1.0 Fire Black Pastel Leopard
1.0 Firefly Leopard 
0.1 Bumblebee
1.0 Fire Black Pewter
Preview: Really really need a male visual Highway Pied this season. Here's my first shot. Nice big clutch from a first time breeder female.
Well there is good and bad news... The female proved Het Piebald, but no Highways at all! 

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Pastel Gravel OR Yellowbelly Piebald
1.1 Gravel OR Yellowbelly Piebald
1.0 Ivory Piebald
0.1 Ivory 66% Het Piebald
0.2 Pastel Gravel OR Yellowbelly 66% Het Piebald
1.1 Gravel OR Yellowbelly 66% Het Piebald 
Preview: Hope to prove this female out... otherwise just some nice hets.
Cutch breakdown:
0.1 Superfly Het Piebald
4.0 Firefly Het Piebald
0.2 Fire Het Piebald
1.1 Pastel Het Piebald 
2 eggs went bad 
Preview: My last single-gene Mojo. She's been so reliable through the years. Hoping to see a Leo Spotnose Mojave out of her to carry on the legacy.
Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Leopard Spotnose Mojave Het Clown
1.0 Leopard Spotnose Het Clown
1.0 Leopard Het Clown
1.1 Mojave Het Clown
1.0 Spotnose Het Clown
1.0 Het Clown
Batman! Every bit of this clutch is awesome. Total quality all the way.

Clutch breakdown: 
0.1 Batman (Leopard Spotnose Clown)
0.1 Pastel Leopard Clown
1.1 Leopard Clowns
1.0 Leopard Spotnose Het Clown
1.0 Pastel Leopard Het Clown
0.1 Pastel Het Clown 
1.0 Het Clown