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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2010 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: Nice clutch from Spider Het Hypo x unique CH Normal

Hatched: 3.1 Spider 50% Het Hypo, 0.1 Normal

Some nice Spiders, beat the odds a bit on this one.
Preview: Hopefully will produce a few more Pastel Pieds! This dame produced the two AWESOME female Pastel Pieds from 09 Clutch #46.

Hatched: 2.1 Piebald, 1.0 Het Piebald (one egg went bad during incubation)

May has well have used a normal Pied to sire this clutch... no pastels at all hatched.
Preview: Another shot at 2010 Dreamsicles. This clutch has several weak eggs, including one that is 80-90% slug, but it's not over until its over! This clutch is featured in my JKR Pro Tips #10 video on YouTube.

Hatched: 0.1 Lavender 66% Het Pied, 1.0 Piebald 66% Het Lavender, 3.0 Poss Dbl Het Dreamsicle (2 eggs went bad during incubation)

Completely missed on Dreamsicles this season. Super disappointed! Out of 2 clutches hatched 2.0 Pieds 66% Het Dreamsicle and 1.1 Lavenders 66% Het Snow, this are super valuable to the project though.

Posted up pics of all of this clutch minus the Lavender female, she's skipped her first shed, and I'll post up pics after she catch up a bit to her sibs.

Two JKR Pro Tips videos on this clutch:

JKR Pro Tips #10 - Candling Ball Python Eggs for Fertility
JKR Pro Tips #11 - Pipping Ball Python Eggs
Preview: Slugs! My genetic Blackback Albino male was on the small side this season and only bred this Het Albino a couple times in Feb / March. Hoping for a bit of luck on with this one egg.

Hatched: 1.0 Albino

Hit the 50% odds and hatching this nice little male Albino. Not blackback but has the mostly-white head like the sire, very neat look for sure.
Preview: Another solid clutch of Pastel Pieds on the way.

Hatched: 0.2 Pastel Pieds, 1.0 Piebald, 1.1 Pastel Het Pied, 1.1 Het Pied

Hatched the complete range of possibilities here, including these two sweet little Pastel Piebalds!
Preview: Very excited about this clutch. So far the Black Pastel Orange Dream has never been produced. My hope is that the orange that is naturally in Black Pastels is really augmented in this combo! This clutch is part of a joint project with Rico Feliciano of Feliciano Reptiles.

Hatched: 1.1 Orange Dream, 1.0 Black Pastel (2 eggs went bad during incubation)

Two very nice Orange Dreams out of this clutch but I THINK we missed on the Black Pastel OD? This little Black Pastel does look to a have a bit more orange in him, but to me its within the natural variation of the morph. If this little boy is the Black Pastel OD, its underwelming. When you're trying to make the first of something, it can be difficult to know what the combo is "supposed" to look like!
Preview: Solid clutch from Pastel YB x Pastel. This should produce Super Pastel YBs with a bit of luck.

Hatched: 0.1 Super Pastel, 1.0 Pastel YB, 1.1 Pastel, 0.1 Normal

Disappointed to miss on my Super Pastel YB! This Super Pastel is a keeper for sure and the Pastel YB male will make someone an exceptional breeder animal, he's crazy looking!

Missed on the Super Pastel Fire in 2009, but hoping to make up for it with this clutch. A little male "Superfly" would really brighten my day!

Hatched: 1.1 Super Pastels, 2.1 Firefly, 1.0 Fire, 1.0 Pastel, 0.1 Normal

Pic 1 - Full clutch
Pics 2 & 3 - Included the Super Pastel from Clutch #53 for comparison. 

Preview: Almost done for the year. Another nice clutch from the Pumpkin Pied... I doubt this female will prove het pied, but hopefully will get a few more nice YB Het Pieds.

Hatched: 2.1 Yellowbelly Het Piebalds, 1.2 Het Piebalds

Some more nice YB Het Pieds to grow up.
Preview: Looks like this may be the last clutuch of the season. Finally some Pumpkin Pieds coming.

Hatched: 0.2 Pumpkin Pieds, 1.1 Piebalds, 2.1 Yellowbelly Het Pieds, 0.1 Het Piebald

Two beautiful high white Pumpkin Pied females. These are extremely under rated and perfect for the future of Pied combos. My older Pumpkin Pieds have kept their bright orange colors well after regular Pieds turn dark and lose their coloration.