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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2011 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: Very excited to see what this female will throw into the mix.

Hatched: 0.2 Bumblebees, 2.1 Spiders (1 egg went bad during incubation)

A couple nice Bees and Spiders in this clutch.
Preview: This should make Pastel dbl Het Black Axanthic Hypos. A great project of the future!

Hatched: 1.3 Pastel dbl Het Hypo Black Axanthics, 0.2 dbl Het Hypo Black Axanthics

PERFECT sex odds. Thrilled with these! These are the start to both the Pastel Black Axanthic and the Blk Axanthic Hypo "True Ghost" projects.
  • ID: 2011 Clutch #63
  • Date Layed: Aug 7th, 2011
  • Sire: Pastel dbl Het Clown Pied
  • Dame: Het Clown
  • Eggs Layed: 0 Eggs & 5 Slugs
Preview: yuck...
Preview: Lav bred this girl once, but then quit... so I backed him up with the Bumblebelly.

Hatched: 0.1 Bumblebee, 1.0 Pastel, 3.2 Normals

I have a feeling this is a split sire clutch...
Preview: Female had the eggs scattered all around her... but they all candle as good, so we'll see.

Hatched: 3.1 Mojave Het Ultramels, 3.2 Het Ultramels

Better Mojave odds than my first clutch of Ultramel x Mojave, but still a bit male heavy.
Preview: Another shot at a Bumblebee Ivory!

Hatched: 0.2 Bumblebelly, 1.1 Bumblebees, 0.2 Spider YBs, 0.1 Pastel YB, 0.1 Yellowbelly, 1.1 Pastels

Once again my Bumblebelly male proved to not be YB at all... Therefore I never had a shot at Bumblebee Ivorys after all. Considering that, I'm very happy with the offspring from this clutch. Some of these are very nice combo examples.
Preview: This could make Killerbee Fires!

Hatched: 2.0 Fire Bumblebees, 1.0 Super Pastel, 0.1 Pastel, 1.0 Normal (5 eggs went bad during incubation)

Not thrilled with my odds on this one. Didn't get the 1:16 Killerbee Fire, but I did get that 1:16 normal though! Still these are a couple nice males to have.
Preview: This could be interesting... Dame is a CH female that I've suspected may be a fire. If I hatch a Black Eyed Lucy from this clutch, I'll know the answer.

Hatched: 2.0 Fireflys, 1.0 Fire, 0.2 Normals

Looks like the CH dame is not a fire...
Preview: Depending on who sires this clutch, it could produce Pastel Clowns or Desert poss Het Clowns.
Hatched: 0.4 Desert 50% Het Clowns, 1.3 50% Het Clowns
Preview: Hoping to produce a Pumpkin Pied from this clutch.
Hatched: 1.1 Piebalds, 1.2 YB 66% Het Pied
Preview: Largest clutch ever here at JKR. This huge female is the Het Pied and I bought as a normal CH and later proved het pied out of the blue... story here. She produced last in 2008 (11 eggs) and and then took the last two season off. This should produce Pied Het Lavenders and double het Dreamsicles.

Hatched: 0.6 Pied Het Lavender, 3.2 dbl Het Dreamsicle (3 eggs went bad during icubation)

Thrilled with the sex odds on the Pieds. WOW.
Preview: Either sire would be fine! I'm axious to see either the Desert Spotnose or Firefly Spotnose from this clutch.

Hatched: 1.0 Firefly Spotnose, 1.0 Pastel Spotnose, 0.1 Firefly, 1.1 Spotnose, 2.1 Pastels

This is the first Firefly Spotnose and I'm thrilled with him! He's has the perfect combination of brightness combined with crisp black patterning. In a day when every combo is blushed out, I think crisp bold colors is the wave of the future... Spotnose is one morph that is really resistant to blushing.

This is the last clutch of the 2011 season. Stay tuned for 2012!