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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2011 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: Kicking off the 2011 season, this clutch could produce Spiders (1:2), Hypos (1:4) and Honeybees (1:8). I produced my first Honeybees last season in 2010 Clutch #18.

Hatched: 0.3 Spider 66% Het Hypo (one egg went bad in incubation)

Disappointed to not get any Honeybees in this clutch, but these three girls are the next best thing. These are a few of the best looking Spiders I've ever seen... look just like their dad.
  • ID: 2011 Clutch #2
  • Date Layed: Apr 26th, 2011
  • Sire: Piebald
  • Dame: Pastel 50% Het Piebald
  • Eggs Layed: 7 Eggs
  • Date Hatched: Jun 25th, 2011
Preview: First chance to prove this female as het Pied. Fingers crossed for some early Pied love.

Hatched: 3.1 Pastel Het Pieds, 1.2 Het Pieds

Female didn't prove to be het Piebald...
Preview: This should make either Superflys or Killerbees, depending on which male sires the clutch. Firefly pictured as sire.

Hatched: 1.0 Superfly, 1.0 Firefly, 1.0 Pastel, 1.0 Normal (2 eggs went bad during incubation)

This male Superfly is so beautiful it hurts!
Preview: Very disappointed with the size of this clutch and the slugs! Yuck. Sire is a Pastel Spider Yellowbelly (aka: bumblebelly). Dame female is a captive-hatched "dinker" that I'm really been looking forward to producing from. We'll see if anything cool pops out.
All eggs in this clutch went bad...
Preview: This should produce Fires, Pastels and Fireflys.

Hatched: 0.2 Firefly, 1.0 Fire, 1.2 Pastel, 2.0 Normal

0.2 Fireflys pictured... I know the one in the upper left looks like a regular pastel... but compared to the pastels from this clutch its definitely a B Grade Firefly. Dame must be adding some darkness to the hatchlings from this clutch.
Preview: We'll see who sire's this one... Black Pastel Het Pied was also in with this dame, but never showed any interest.

Hatched: 2.1 Pumpkin Pieds, 0.1 Pied, 1.0 YB 66% Het Pied (Ringer), 1.1 66% Het Pieds

WOW! Really beat the odds on this one. Should have hatched on Yellowbelly Pied out of this clutch but ended up with three, and a regular pied as well!

There's also a nice ringer YB 66% Het Pied male in this clutch.
Preview: Thrilled to get a big clutch out of this female! This is a joint project with Dave @ bloodballreptiles.com.
Hatched: -Classified-
Preview: 3 eggs and 3 slugs... what really bums me out none of these eggs have any veins when I candled them. Still put them in the incubator, but I expect they will all go bad.
All eggs in this clutch went bad...
Preview: 2 multi-codom boys in with this female. (Firefly pictured) We'll see how the chips fall.

Hatched: 1.0 Superfly, 2.0 Firefly, 0.1 Fire, 2.1 Pastels (Pastels not pictured)

Firefly sired this clutch and WOW! This Superfly is just insane. Not sure if I'm looking at something "fader" or just all the stars lined up to make this boy so crazy light. Either way, I'm good with it.
  • ID: 2011 Clutch #10
  • Date Layed: May 15th, 2011
  • Sire: EOS
  • Dame: Normal
  • Eggs Layed: 6 Eggs & 1 Slug
Preview: The EOS is a possible new morph pair that I picked up out of Africa in 2008. Not releasing pics just yet. I tried to prove the male to be dominate in 2010, but only hatched normals out of 6 eggs. Trying again with this clutch and if nothing comes of it, I'm gunning for it being recessive.

Hatched: 1.0 EOS, 0.4 Normals (1 egg went bad during incubation)

Got it! This little boy is the perfect copy of his father. Still would have liked to have seen a least one more of them in the clutch. Including last year I've have 11 hatchlings, and to only get 1 out of 11 seems a bit suspect to say the least... Will do it AGAIN next year. Also hoping to get my original CH pair together to see what complications that may add!
Preview: Another chance to prove out a Pastel poss Het Pied female. This dame is one of the brightest pastels I've ever produced, so at least hoping for some really smoking Pastel YBs out of the clutch.

Hatched: 1.0 Pastel YB 50% het Pied, 0.1 Pastel 50% Het Pied, 0.3 50% Het Pieds

Well this Pastel ph Pied dame did not prove het (on this clutch at least). Great news is that she passed her exceptional brightness to her offspring both the Pastel YB and Pastel are screamers!
Preview: Nice big clutch. Sire is the A+ Firefly male from 2009 Clutch #31.

Hatched: 1.0 Firefly, 2.2 Fires, 2.1 Pastel, 0.1 Normal

Extremely nice Firefly and Fires from this clutch.
Preview: Firefly did most of the work on this one, we'll see.

Hatched: 1.1 Firefly, 0.1 Fire, 2.1 Pinstripe, 1.0 Normal

First split-sire clutch of 2011. Feels crazy to do so well on Fireflys and still hatch 3 pins!
Preview: This should make Super Pastel Fires, aka: Superflys.

Hatched: 0.2 Fireflys, 1.0 Super Pastel, 2.1 Pastel, 0.1 Normal (1 egg went bad during incubation)

Couldn't repeat my luck a 3rd time with another Superfly, but did get a couple very nice Fireflys and the first Super Pastel of 2011.

Pic #1 - Left side of pic: Fireflys, Right side of pic: Super Pastel / Pastel
Preview: Sire will either be Firefly or Mojave.

Hatched: 1.2 Firefly, 0.1 Fire, 1.0 Pastel, 1.0 Normal

Three A+ Fireflys! Thrilled with this trio... (Pastel and Normal not pictured)