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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2013 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: The 2013 laying season is underway!! This first clutch has been laid quite a while before I'm expecting any others. Could make another Leo Clown or two with some luck?

Hatched: 1.2 Leopard 66% Het Clowns, 0.2 66% Het Clowns

Well a big miss on any visual Clowns here even though both Sire and Dame are proven hets... On the other hand, check out the blackbacks on these Leopards! For some reason I keep consistantly getting blackbacked Leopards out of my Leopard Clown project, even though my original Leo Het Clown male is not blackbacked... strange.
Preview: Another big clutch! This could thow any of the following: Firefly Yellowbelly, Firefly, Pastel YB, Fire YB, Fires, Pastels, Yellowbellys, and normals.

Hatched: 0.1 Firefly Yellowbelly, 0.1 Fire Yellowbelly, 0.2 Pastel Yellowbelly, 1.0 Pastel, 1.1 Normals

Very good odds and I'm thrilled to have so many girls in the clutch!
Preview: This will make at least Pastel & Super Pastel Het Pieds. If the female proves, I'll be hoping for Pastel Pieds and Killer Pieds.
Hatched: 1.1 Super Pastel Het Piebald, 4.1 Pastel Het Piebald
Preview: Hopefully not too many "slugged out" clutches this year.
Slugged out...
Preview: This could make Lavenders and Pastel Lavender Albinos

Hatched: 0.2 Lavender Albinos, 2.2 Pastel 66% Het Lavs, 1.1 66% Het Lavs

Two beautiful Lavender Albino females and a bunch of Pastel poss Hets. Fingers crossed for a Pastel Lavender from Clutch #12.
  • ID: 2013 Clutch #6
  • Date Layed: May 25th, 2013
  • Sire: Killerbee
  • Dame: Normal
  • Eggs Layed: 8 Eggs
  • Date Hatched: Jul 22nd, 2013
Preview: This should make Bumblebees and Pastels.

Hatched: 3.3 Bumblebees, 2.0 Pastels

I've never hatched this many Bees in a single clutch. Every one of these is just phenominal.
Preview: This is another captive hatched Granite female that I've been raising up. After hatching the extreme "J1 Granites" last season, I'll be watching closely to see if this female proves as well.

Hatched: 2.0 Lesserbee Yellowbellys, 1.0 Spider YB, 1.0 Bumblebelly, 0.1 Pastel YB, 1.0 Normal (not pictured)

These Lesser Bee YBs are sweet! Not really seeing anything in the way of granite influence in this clutch. Maybe the dame is simply not genetic.
Preview: This should make Pastel Mojaves, Mojaves and Pastels.
Hatched: 0.2 Pastel Mojave, 1.3 Mojave, 1.0 Pastel, 0.1 Normal (not pictured)
Preview: This one will hurt for a long time... Very young male. Locked up just fine, but I think he may still have been a bit young to really get the job done.

Hatched: 0.1 Firefly Het Clown (one egg went bad during incubation)

Well one egg made it all the way through a consulation prize for all those slugs...
Preview: This should produce Pastel YB Piebalds, Pumpkin Pieds, Pastel Pieds and Pieds, as well as hets.

Hatched: 2.0 Pastel YB Pieds, 1.1 Pastel Pieds, 0.1 Pastel YB Het Pied, 0.1 YB Het Pied, 2.1 Het Pieds

These two boys are awesome! So much variety in the Pieds, gotta love it. Some great building blocks in the clutch as well with the Pastel Pieds and the Pastel Yellowbelly Het Pied girl. 
Preview: Looking forward to making some more Pastel Lavenders this season. Highly underrated combo in my opinion!

Hatched: 1.0 Pastel Lavender Albino, 2.2 66% Het Lavenders (not pictured)

This male is a screamer! Wow.
Preview: Lucky 13! This one will be HIGHLY anticipated. I "think" I see good het Pied markers on this girl... Will be counting down the days and dreaming about a Pastel Dreamsicle. :)

Hatched: 1.2 Pastel Piebald Het Lavenders, 1.1 Pied Het Lavs, 1.2 dbl Het Dreamsicles

So disappointed to not find any Lavenders in this clutch. However... I'm loving the Pastel Pied het Lavs and great sex odds accross the board. Each time I miss on something, I produce a few animals that will make it harder to miss in the future!
Preview: I've actually "disproved" this dame to not be het Pied, but I'm giving her one shot just in case... This should produce Pastel & Super Pastel Het Piebalds.

Hatched: 1.3 Super Pastel Het Pieds, 1.3 Pastel Het Pieds

I guess I can put this question to rest, this pastel dame is definitely not yet Pied.
Preview: This is a powerful clutch. If the Lavender Het Pied sires it, I'll get 1/2 Pied 100% Het Lavs and 1/2 dbl Het Dreamsicles. If the Dreamsicle sires it, I'll get all Pied 100% Het Lavs.

Hatched: 1.1 Pied Het Lavender, 0.1 dbl Het Dreamsicle (3 eggs went bad during incubation)

Looks like the Lavender Het Pied sired this one. Still pretty great odds.