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J. Kobylka Reptiles Incubator ~ 2016 Clutches

Here you will find records of what has been layed and hatched here at J. Kobylka Reptiles. Please feel free to browse through the clutches and check out the parents and offspring. If you have a question or are interested in purchasing from a clutch, click the "Inquire" link.
Year: Clutch: Morph: Sort:
Preview: Hopefully some fantastic "Het Grail" combos!
One 2 eggs went to term, but fantastic odds!

Clutch Breakdown:
1.0 Pastel Leopard dbl Het Lavender Clown
1.0 Leopard dbl Het Lavender Clown 
3 eggs did not make it to term 
  • ID: 2016 Clutch #3
  • Date Layed: Dec 7th, 2015
  • Sire: Leopard Pinstripe Het Desert Ghost 50% Het Pied 50% Het Hypo
  • Dame: Yellowbelly Het Desert Ghost
  • Eggs Layed: 5 Eggs
Preview: Finally another shot at Leopard Desert Ghost combos! These could be earth shattering!
Desert Ghost power!! Check out this boy! 

Clutch Breakdown:
1.0 Leopard Pinstripe Desert Ghost
1.0 Yellowbelly Desert Ghost
1.0 Lepard Pinstripe YB 66% Het Desert Ghost 
1.0 Leopard Yellowbelly 66% Het Desert Ghost
0.1 66% Het Desert Ghost
Preview: After working with Mahoganys for just about forever... this is my first legit shot at Sumas.
These are amazing! Welcome to the darkside without the drawbacks! The Cinny Suma achieves the full "blacksnake" look without the genetic liabilities of the Super Cinny / Black Pastel. 

I wanna see these in Pieds! 

Clutch Breakdown:
0.2 Cinnamon Sumas
0.1 Suma
2.1 Mahogany
1.0 Cinnamon 
Preview: Dreamsicles! Should get some good odds. 50% should be Dreamsicles / 50% should be Pied Het Lav.
It seems so strange to get a Dreamsicle in a clutch and still be able to say it was really rough odds! 1/2 of the clutch should have been Dreamsicles... but hey, Pied Het Lavs are just fine.

Clutch Breakdown:
0.1 Dreamsicle
1.4 Piebald Het Lavender 
Preview: A chance to prove out a female I've been raising up for many years. I actually find this more fun than just having a "guaranteed" het.
This dame proved to be Het Lav, but not Het Pied. Still some good odds on Lavender Het Pieds. Never get tired of hatching Lavs!

Clutch Breakdown:
4.2 Lavender Het Piebald
0.5 Het Dreamsicle 
Preview: I bought this female many years ago and in 2013 she didn't produce any Pieds when bred to a visual. May have gotten screwed on my purchase... Giving her one more chance.
She proved! Goes to show you can't give up after the first try, and best not to jump to conclusions.

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Fire Piebald (aka: Pyro Pied)
0.2 Firefly Het Piebald
0.1 Fire Het Piebald 
3 eggs went bad during incubation
Preview: Hoping to repeat my 2015 Superfly Pied!
Love the Superfly Pied! Another female and even better quality than last year's example.

Clutch breakdown:
0.1 Superfly Piebald
1.0 Killer Piebald / Firefly Piebald (I'm not initially sure which)
1.0 Pastel Piebald
0.1 Piebald
2 eggs went bad during incubation 
Preview: Another fantastic shot at Dreamsicles! I'm thinking 2016 will be the year of the Lavender Albino here @ JKR... with Dreamsicles being a big part of it!
Right on the odds this time!

Clutch breakdown:
0.3 Dreamsicles
2.1 Pied Het Lavender
1 egg went bad during incubation 
Preview: A chance to prove out another Dinker. Will post full info and pics of her if she proves.
Nothing here that looks like just like my the dinker mom. Unfortuantely spotnose is a strong gene that might cover it up.

Clutch breakdown:

0.1 Pastel Spotnose
0.1 Fire Spotnose
0.1 Spotnose
1.0 Fire
Preview: So amazing to see this girl on eggs! She's the world-first Spotnose Clown produced by Ben Renick that I aquired as a hatchling. The combo I really want to see out of this pairing is the Lesser Batman after missing on it in 2015.
This is a MONSTER clutch!

Clutch breakdown:
1.0 Pastel Lesser Spotnose Clown
1.1 Zorro Het Clowns (aka: Pastel Lesser Leopard Spotnose)
1.1 Pastel Leopard Spotnose Het Clowns
1.0 Pastel Spotnose Clown
0.1 Pastel Clown
Preview: Very disappointed with the slugs. Still plenty of good eggs to see some awesome results though. Fingers  crossed for some odds!
Well this girl didn't prove to be Het. Still some great animals for the project.

Clutch breakdown:

1.0 Pastel Leopard Clown Het Pied
1.0 Clown Het Pied
1.0 Leopard dbl Het Clown Pied
0.2 Pastel dbl Het Clown Pied
0.1 Dbl Het Clown Pied 
  • ID: 2016 Clutch #15
  • Date Layed: Apr 15th, 2016
  • Sire: Leopard Yellowbelly Het Clown 50% Het Piebald
  • Dame: Pastel Het Clown
  • Eggs Layed: 6 Eggs
  • Date Hatched: Jun 12th, 2016
Preview: Loving the potential with YB Clown combos this season!
Clutch breakdown:

1.0 Pastel Yellowbelly Clown!
1.0 Pastel Clown
1.0 Clown
1.0 Leo YB 66% Het Clown
1.1 Pastel 66% Het Clown