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International Shipping

Quality, Captive-bred Reptiles are a World-Wide Phenomenom.

International Shipping

Unfortunately shipping Ball Pythons internationally is not simple, however JKR has many years of experience safely shipping Ball Pythons around the world. Ball Pythons are a CITES appendix II protected species. That means that their travel between nations requires governmental CITES approval from both United States and the destination nation as well as USFWS inspections and often Vet Health Certs. 

There are two ways to recive international shipments from J. Kobylka Reptiles:

1. Use a JKR International Partner:

I have been safely exporting around the world for over years and have developed intenational partners in many of the places where Ball Pythons are rapidly gaining popularity. These partners have regularly scheduled shipments from JKR and are experienced in the approval and import process. By ordering a JKR animal through your local partner, you will have minimal work and will have your animal safely delivered to you.

Advantages to using a JKR Partner:

  1. No need to personally work through the importation process.
  2. No minimum / maximum order required.
  3. Shipping costs are defrayed and minimized.
  4. Pay one flat price for your animal(s).

For a list of JKR International Partners, visit my Friends and Partners Page.

2. Import Directly from J. Kobylka Reptiles:

JKR is a Master CITES holder. No waiting for paperwork!

Order Requirements:

  1. Because of the requirements of international shipping, I ask for a minimum order: $5000 USD (Canada $2000)
  2. In addition to my own animals I can source additional mutations that I don’t have available. (Sourcing animals from other breeders changes CITES requirements, please inquire for details.)

Shipping Costs:

You are only asked to pay actual shipping, permit and certification costs. This will vary. (Shipping fees may be waived for larger orders)

How Long Will The Process Take?:

Every country will have different requirements, but tyically you will need to:

  1. Pick out your animals.
  2. Arrange Payment.
  3. Use my Export CITES to request Import CITES from the appropriate authority in your country. (I am a Master File CITES holder, so US CITES is available immediately)
  4. Arrange shipping - If you are unfamiliar with the importation process, I suggest you use a local Import business to handle picking up the snakes and walking them through customs. They will then deliver the animals to you.

What Guarantees Do You Offer:

All animals come with the standard JKR sex and genetics guarantee. There are two sides to international shipping, my export and your import. I offer a complete live and healthy guarantee as long as they are not held up in customs in your country due to an oversight in importation documents. I am happy to assist you throughout the process to make sure that there are no problem and you are extremely happy with your purchase!