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J. Kobylka Reptiles's Customer Reviews

Thank you to all of my customers for allowing me to live my dream and work with these beautiful animals. I am deeply invested in the success of my customers whether it be to have a long-lived pet or excellent breeding results and outcomes. If my clients are successful in their goals, I will be successful in mine.

Below is a collection of customer reviews that have been submitted since the new JKR site went live in Feb.

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Jeff C August 21st, 2014

I decided to buy 2 BP's from Justin initially but after talking with him and realizing how patient he was at answering my questions I bought a 3rd! Justin really took the time to answer my questions, despite a few that were pretty silly I'm sure. It is evident that he loves what he's doing and the quality of his work, and his animals, reflects this. The male Coral Glow and Female Fire and Super Pastel are stunning! I can think of no other I would rather do business with and I'll definitely be doing more business with Justin.  Thanks again, Justin!

Pippit C. September 1st, 2013 [View Picture]

I got my female Ball Python, Velvet, a Butter Black Pewter from Justin last December 2012 and she is the light of my life! She gets brighter and more beautiful with each shed, and has a gentle disposition that is just as lovely.

Justin has been a big help both before and after the sale, and just as importantly he made it possible for me to get the snake I wanted! He answers my questions and is an invaluable resource for breeding advice, as I am anticipating finding a mate for Velvet and hope to breed them in the summer of 2014 when she is up to size. I'm excited to see the next phase of her life unfold and what her genetics can do; what her babies will look like. I'm sure they will be gorgeous, because Justin produces many unique and exquisite animals. I always look forward to seeing the new hatchlings posted on his current clutches pages!

Nathan V. March 14th, 2013 [View Picture]

I purchased 1.0 Leopard 66% poss het clown 50% poss het pied from J. Kobylka Reptiles in February 2013. The little guy is an outstanding example of the morph and will be in my collection forever whether he proves out or not. I haven't had any trouble with him yet and he is eating every meal as if it were his last :) I have a new favorite morph after seeing the leopards in person. Justin was very professional and quick to reply while making this deal. Great to do business with and I highly recommend the reptiles he produces! Thanks again, Justin!

John S. February 12th, 2013 [View Picture]

In February 2013 I purchased an albino ball python from Justin...from picking out the snake to ordering him and recieving him was great...i will definitely be a returning customer...my baby ball is a beautiful healthy amazing snake...i would highly recommend Justin Kobylka to anyone wanting to purchase a snake...

Che K. October 28th, 2012 [View Picture]

In November of 2011, I purchased four different ball pythons from four different online sites. One of my purchases was a female 2011 pastel BP for J. Kobylka Reptile’s. Of the four, she has been the most consistent snake. She eats well; has had the best growth rate; and rarely refuses food. In contrast, the one I purchased, during a Thanksgiving Holiday Sale, from site that specializes in Retics sold me a pinstripe BP that only eats live mice or gerbils. He will not touch anything freshly killed or frozen/thawed. He will not eat live or dead rats. He is currently the only snake in my collection that is on an extended fast. Of course, he is the smallest snake of the 2011 ball pythons. When it is time to add to my BP collection, I will check with Justin at J. Kobylka Reptile’s first. He has earned my repeat business.

Ryan C. September 26th, 2012 [View Picture]

In August I purchased a 1.1 pair of fires and a 0.1 Black Pewter from Justin. From the initial E-mail to receiving the snakes Justin had been thoroughly compensating and helpful and I must say I couldn't be happier buying my snakes from anywhere else. In my opinion his quality for his price is unmatched in today's market. All 3 snakes have eaten consistently since they arrived and were settled in and I couldn't ask for more. The only thing I regret was not waiting another month for even cooler clutches and deals he has going! I will definitely be back to J. Kobylka as a first choice for all my ball pythons. To this day he still replies to my E-mails with helpful and prompt responses!

Parker C. August 30th, 2011 [View Picture]

Justin Kobylka will have my appreciation and my business as long as I remain invested in the ball python industry. I have already received a firefly, mojave, and 66% double het dreamsicle from him, and I am awaiting delivery of a female yellowbelly this week.

Both the firefly and mojave are outstanding examples of their respective morphs, and each snake was healthy and established upon arrival. Moreover, I have yet to encounter anyone else with the dedication to producing such high quality animals combined with the customer service and general education at JKR. Justin is extremely generous with his time and expertise. He answered each and every one of my inane questions and usually provided pictures to assist; he held three snakes for me at his facility for over a month while I waited for a new rack to arrive. His website doubles as an excellent source of information both for beginners and breeders.

I am extremely pleased with every aspect of doing business with Justin, and I'm certainly looking forward to ordering another few ball pythons from JKR in the future.

Ash W. November 16th, 2010 [View Picture]

Justin Kobylka is one of the most sincere, friendly and considerate people I have yet had the pleasure of meeting. To say the very least, I would recommend him if you’re thinking about doing business with anybody in the ball python industry. He goes above and beyond expectations in every way; from making sure you’re happy with your animal to helping you with husbandry or breeding issues. What really sets him apart is the way he responds when you run into a problem; He will go out of his way to make the situation right. Once, during my first attempt at breeding ball pythons, I asked Justin to include some of his breeder male’s sheds with a package I had been expecting. When he forgot to, he made a second trip to the post office to mail them to me separately, asking for nothing in return. That gesture made a big impression on me. He cares about people and about his animals, and it clearly shows. He has certainly earned my trust and respect, and will always be my #1 go-to-guy for reptiles.

Brennen S. November 16th, 2010 [View Picture]

After a very generous payment plan, i just received my male pied from Justin today! This is my 6th snake from Justin and the snake itself, along with the customer service did not fall short of any of the previous purchases! Justin is very understanding and a true professional at what he does- breeding and selling top notch animals and providing the best customer service the market has to offer!! Thanks again, Justin!

Sherry S. October 25th, 2010 [View Picture]

I found Justin Kobylka Reptiles by a chance of fate... and I feel so very lucky I did. His snakes are just beautiful, healthy, and colorful. I got a beautiful Pied female  as well as a Yellow Belly Het Pied male from him today. I was so pleased to see them shipped as promised and very well packed for the trip.  Justin has helped me with all my questions and I did have many of them... was understanding with letting me do some time payments as well. He took wonderful care of them for me, as well as keeping me informed on how they were doing with eating and sheds. He is very helpful and a true professional. I look forward to buying more beauties from him in the future!!

Steve B. October 12th, 2010 [View Picture]

J. Kobylka reptiles has the best looking snakes I have seen anywhere and Justin is awesome to talk to and very helpful. Before I purchased my Piebald, Justin helped me out with my first clutch of eggs with advice and I hatched out 2 albinos and a normal. Then I purchased a Piebald from him and let me tell you she is beautiful. As I told Justin, an 18 year old dream come true. Best quality, very helpful advice, I will be back soon to purchase again. Vyper RTS is awesome software, very easy to use and affordable. Thanks again, Justin.

Jack M. July 22nd, 2010 [View Picture]

Hi everyone I just recently bought 1.2 Het Pieds from Justin and he's a great person to work with. Also purchased his VYPER program, I fully recommend investing in that program.

Brennen S. [Review #4] April 28th, 2010 [View Picture]

I am extremely lucky to have a female orange hypo in my collection. And I owe it all to Justin! He had this girl at the exact right time and was very flexible with the payment transactions i needed to purchase her. He also kept her well fed and taken care of right up to the shipping date! Thanks Justin, can't wait until the next time!!

Robin P. March 23rd, 2010 [View Picture]

I just bought my first pair of snakes from Justin and am very impressed. They came on time and the heat pack was still warm. Thank you! I really look foward to doing buisness with Justin again very soon.

Brennen S. [Review #3] March 10th, 2010 [View Picture]

I had an awesome package to look forward to today. My '09 mojave and '09 female pastel. These being my third and fourth balls i have purchased from Justin, i knew exactly what i should expect. And i was not let down. Both snakes are incredibly gorgeous, and very, very healthy. Justin was awesome and patient with waiting for an appropriate day to ship as well as very informative and professional but still very friendly the whole time. Enclosed with my animals was a 30 day tryout for a new program called Vyper Reptile Tracking System. I must say, they have have nailed an awesome idea!! I've been having so much fun playing with the program, i can't wait to purchase the whole thing. I would recommend the Vyper program to anyone that wants a steady, sure way to keep track of all their animals info from breeding to feeding, to health and babies and much more! Thanks again, Justin, can't wait until the next time!!

Mark T. March 9th, 2010 [View Picture]

I have been researching ball python breeders for several months in order to purchase my first project animals. In my research efforts to find quality ball pythons, Justin Kobylka's name continually came up. I contacted Justin in January requesting aid in deciding which animals would best fit my needs. The last few months Justin has really gone above and beyond. He fielded all of my questions in a friendly way and providing customer service that is truly second to none. The animals I just received look fantastic. The health of the animals shows a very precise husbandry practice. I found Justin to be genuine in his passion for his animals and he proved to me that he truly cared about my goals. I look forward to my next transaction with Justin. Thank Justin!

Brennen S. [Review #2] January 26th, 2010 [View Picture]

Once again, Justin did not fail at providing me with another gorgeous bp for my collection and an outstanding customer service experience! I purchased this '09 spider about 2 weeks ago and he is doing great! This being my second time doing business with Justin and, a little more tricky than the first. Due to the weather we had to wait about a week and a half before finding a good enough day to ship. Justin was on top of things the whole time period, watching the forecasts for a decent enough day AND one that worked with my schedule. I can't wait until my next purchase! Thanks again Justin!!

Brennen S. September 29th, 2009 [View Picture]

I just received my 09 male pastel today and am completely 110% satisfied! Justin was very, very helpful and also extremely professional. He made doing business stress free and enjoyable. My pastel arrived right on time and was very nicely packaged. The snake itself is very plump and well taken care of. I can't wait to watch him grow and possibly get brighter with age. I would definitely recommend Justin to anyone interested in high quality bp's for fair market prices. I also personally look forward to doing business with Justin again!

Dave R. [Review #2] July 22nd, 2009 [View Picture]

Having imported Ball Pythons from Justin a few months ago, I decided to do it again! Justin was again, extremely helpful every step of the way and provided me with the best possible animals money can buy. I would recommend Justin and his animals to anybody! Thank you again, Justin!

Robin A. June 14th, 2009 [View Picture]

I just had the pleasure of adding a beautiful 100% het lavendar albino to my collection this weekend. I made my first purchase from Justin in 2006 of a 100% het clown male and he's been a fabulous breeder for me, besides being a beautiful animal!

After a visit this weekend, I came home with another "critter" (pictured), the het lav albino. Justin is not only a breeder I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone, he's also someone I'm proud to count as a dear friend!

William P. [Review #2] May 9th, 2009 [View Picture]

Another great sales experience! Thanks alot Justin! Once again, you went above and beyond. Great communication, AWESOME animals!

Great follow up after the sell. Your advice and knowledge have been crucial to the success of my collection! Thanks a million, and I cant wait til my next purchase from you!!!

Jason C. March 9th, 2009 [View Picture]

I purchased a female high white piebald and a male het piebald from Justin. I am extremely pleased with these animals. They were shipped on time, packaged correctly, and arrived plump and healthy. They were quick to acclimate and ate the first time I offered food to them. They are still great eaters and have the type of calm temperment a hobbiest like myself enjoys.

Justin's customer service is better than any other company that I have dealt with before. About a week after I received my snakes, Justin contacted me to see how they were doing. He really does care about the quality of his animals. The whole transaction was a pleasure from start to finish. He is quick to respond to questions, is very informative, and in my opinion has the best prices available. I received a perfect pied with a perfect price and made a great friend in the process. You simply can't get any better than that! Thanks Justin!! Jason C. (Gatorland Zoo)

David R. March 4th, 2009 [View Picture]

I placed an international order of 28 Ball Pythons with Justin. Throughout the whole process Justin has been extremely helpful and happy to chat Ball Pythons in any shape or form. He's laid back and easily approachable, making it easy to forge a friendship . Justin is extremely prompt at addressing any issues and returning e-mails.

The animals themselves, well they speak for them selves! Incredible looking, extremely gutsy feeders, scale perfect bodies and very nicely sized 08 animals. They all arrived well packed with plenty of thought and consideration gone into the packing. In summary, Justin is a down to earth breeder who is passionate about each and every one of his animals and his customers. You won't be disappointed with his service. Dave Rushen - BloodBall Reptiles (UK)

Cole H. February 26th, 2009 [View Picture]

I recently purchased a Male Het Albino ball from Justin, and it is great. After a couple of weeks of searching all different sites and contacting people I stumbled upon the J. Kobylka reptiles site...and I am sure glad I did!

As for the little guy (Vinnie), he is doing great. Everything was packaged perfect and he is just as expected if not better (love the high white sides and the info card/guarantee that comes with him). I can tell that this little guy had the attention given to him that he deserved before the sale was even considered. I look forward to seeing him grow and hopefully breeding him with an albino (that I will most likely purchase from for J. Kobylka Reptiles) and see what we can get!!! Best wishes - Cole

William P. February 4th, 2009 [View Picture]

Thank you, not only for a Great deal on some Great animals, but also for your service and advice. You were very thorough and informative before, during, and after the sale. The quality of customer service you provide is only matched by the quality of your animals. All of the BPs we purchased were, and still are, in excellent health! They arrived healthy with good temperaments and good appetites! They picked right up on your normal feeding day and have not missed a meal!

Our two little boys help us in caring for all our BPs and the ones we purchased from you are the most docile and well mannered in our entire collection. You can tell that your snakes are hand raised, cared for, and sometimes seem a little "spoiled!" LOL. The care and life quality you provide for your animals is easily seen. We are completely satisfied...from initial contact and prompt responses to your follow-up during and after the sale. We can't wait to see what you produce this year! We are excited and looking forward to our next purchase from you!!!

Aaron M. January 28th, 2009 [View Picture]

I received my first animal from J. Kobylka Reptiles in September of 2008. It was a male Spider Het Hypo. I was completely pleased with the whole transaction from start to finish. Justin was extremely fast in returning emails and answering any questions I had for him.

After picking out my animal from a selection of pictures he sent me, he worked with me on a payment plan that fit my budget and shipped him out to me on the following Monday after the final payment was sent. His shipping method is superb and the animal arrived in perfect condition. I could not have been happier!

Since then I have purchased a pair of Het Clowns, a pair of Het Genetic Stripes, and a PH Hypo Cinny which all arrived in perfect condition and are all beautiful healthy animals.

I look forward to my future purchases from J. Kobylka Reptiles and can't wait to see some of the amazing animals Justin will produce in the future.

Aaron P. January 15th, 2009 [View Picture]

I recently acquired a Clown from Justin Kobylka and let me tell you this little bugger is a eating machine! I live only about an hour south of Justin so I was able to pick him up myself and check out Justin's facility. He takes excellent care of his animals and it shines through in their quality. I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Justin and I look forward to future transactions with him.

Tony H. December 25th, 2008 [View Picture]

To anyone thinking about buying from him, do not think twice. He is an awesome guy to deal with and will do everything he can to help you.

I have purchased from him before and knew from the experience I had that I would again, but never knew he would out do himself the second time around. I inquired about buying another for Christmas, and knew for sure that when he responded saying he was going to be out of town for the holidays that I would have to wait till after to pick up my present. Instead he arranged to have me pick one up while he was out of town.

Thanks a lot Justin, you made my Christmas merry! Thank Colby again as well! You guys are awesome!

Chris M. December 11th, 2008 [View Picture]

I purchased my first piebald from Justin. This high white male was exactly what I was looking for. Justin and I talked on the phone and via email so that he understood what type of patterns I was hoping to get. He was very patient, and willing to send me as many pictures as I wanted from two different clutches to ensure my satisfaction. This male has been eating great since day 1, and gaining size as he should be. He eats like a little pig! I am very, very pleased with him. I would definitely do business with Justin again. The transaction was simple, and my piebald was shipped perfectly.

Kevin S. November 14th, 2008 [View Picture]

Every transaction that Ive done with Justin has been smooth. He is a top notch breeder as well. Its always a pleasure to do business with someone that you can trust on the purchasing end as well...

Justin has also sent me up some beauties as well..They are the pride of my collection and will help me achieve the goals that I have with this hobby.

Ed C. June 1st, 2008 [View Picture]

I have purchased several animals from JKR and couldn’t be happier with them. Justin is a heck of a great guy and easy to work with. He not only helped me out by letting me do payments he has kept me updated on the animal as I made payments to him. I have done this with other breeders but none as professional as Justin.. I will buy more from him as my collection grows …

Phillip W. December 25th, 2005 [View Picture]

Just thought I'd let you know the female pastel I got from you back in October is doing great. She is one my best feeders and as you know I have several pastels, she is the best looking. She has shed twice and is getting brighter every time.