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Piebald Ball Python

Last Updated: 07/30/2010
The Piebald or "Pied" mutation is a strong part of my collection. The Pieds are one of the most striking and recognizable of ball python morphs. It is the OH WOW mutation that has hooked many people on ball python morphs.

I started working with Piebalds in 2004 with animals from the original source, Peter Kahl. Pete proved the trait to be simple recessive in 1997.

In September, 2007 I hatched out my own distinct line of Piebalds. It was completely unexpected, from a African-hatched female bred back to her Pastel son. In 2008, I proved the Kobylka line Pied compatible with the Kahl line Piebald. More information will be coming, and I cannot yet say if my line is in any way distinctive from others, but I'm excited to have established this Kobylka line Pied and bring new blood to one of the bedrocks of ball python mutations.

Video description of Piebalds!