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Jungle Woma Ball Python

Last Updated: 06/7/2011
The Jungle Woma is a co-dominate mutation with the super form being called the "Puzzleback". Jungle Womas are a subtle mutation, but can easily be recognized alongside their normal sibs.

As they age Jungle Womas tend to lighten in color. Some animals make change more than others, turning golden with grey highlights.

The name is quite misleading, as Jungle Womas are not related to other "Jungle" types, or the Woma mutation.

Jungle Woma genetic characteristics:
- Overall brighter color with more oranges
- Reduced pattern
- Dorsal blushing
- Side spots on nose and occasionally a spot on the tip
- Black speckling in heat pits and sometimes chin
- Black stripe running down center of the belly
- Light golden head