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Super Stripe Ball Python

Last Updated: 01/24/2011
(aka: Superstriper) The Super Stripe arrived out of nowhere when Jared Horenstein in 2004. Jared bred a Yellowbelly male to what the thought was a normal female and produced the first of these beauties. In subsquent years many breeders have contributed to the project and discovered the "normal" used to make a Super Stripe is actually a mutation of its own, which Jared named the "Specter".

The Yellowbelly and Specter genes are located on the same allel, meaning they occupy the same place on the chomosome. Because of this, breeding a superstripe to a normal would result in 1/2 the offspring receiving the Yellowbelly gene, while the other 1/2 receive the Specter gene, no normals would be produced.